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1. Social organizations, non-political organizations, non-communal organizations.

2. There are no elections in this organization.

3. All members shall be considered as ordinary members.

4. Permanent committees will not be provided but temporary committees will be provided to facilitate field specific work.

5. All have to work equally except for specified assigned tasks.

6. No unethical interest shall be gained by using the reputation/name of the organization.

7. Personal disputes among members of the organization are not acceptable. If necessary, leave the organization.

8. Any kind of political and communal anarchy is not acceptable.

9. Must be loyal to the country and not involved in any anti-national activities.

10. Be aware against drugs.

11. A clear mind and mentality should be shown and care should be taken for family education and one's religion.

12. Show respect to everyone.

13. Eve teasing, violence, cyber-bullying, drug addiction and unclean mentality will result in expulsion from the organization.

14. If there is a problem with any member of the organization or if there is any difference in the work, they have to solve the problem by using flexibility. If for any reason it is not possible after his efforts, then the authorities should be informed.

15. All rules and regulations of the organization should be followed and everyone should seek the improvement of the organization.

16. If any responsibility of the organization is assigned to you, you will be obliged to fulfill it. If it fails for any reason, you have to discuss with the authorities.

17. Should be directly and indirectly involved in any activities of the organization.

18. No unwanted and unsavory comments about the organization can be spread.

19. A complaint box will be created to provide any comments of your own.

20. If a member of the organization is involved in activities outside the organization's policy or if a complaint is made and it is proved, the organization will be obliged to expel him.

21. If anyone applies for the post of working member of the organization, the authority will publish their list through consideration.

22. No funds will be used without the consent of the founders.

23. The money will be kept in the bank.

24. There will be no programs, events and programs during school and public examinations.

25. Any school activity shall have a document signed by the headmaster.

26. Students will join the organization by taking an exam.

27. If someone earns from using this company as a brand, a percentage of the earnings will be given to the company as a charitable fund.

28. This organization is a completely independent organization.

29. Funding for the organization must be raised by the founders.

30. The rules vary according to environmental conditions.

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