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Creative Centralian is a social, non-political, liberal & volunteer organization led by S.S.C. Batch-18. Young courageous students are the heart of the country and this platform is for their development and opportunities. This vision and mission of “CENTRALIAN’18” started when they were in the school in 2017 by seeing the advanced world it is felt that extra co-curricular activities, modern education, and charitable activities are much needed for the young students.

Creative Centralian is formed to grab the young dedicated students and give them proper training (Workshop, Fieldwork & knowledge) to use their inner intellectual creativity in every aspect of life.If the heart becomes stronger the tree will provide more food. 

Creative Centralian also pays attention or research and build work on rational value. Success is the main motive but working on the main factor.


We are the creative enthusiast team, idea maker, planner, and contriver from Central (M.G.B.H.S & M.G.G.H.S). We are serving various types of extra-curricular, social, and charitable activities from inside & outside of the academic syllabus, especially for the development of the youth.

The youth of this country can enhance future development. As today’s world is changing so fast, we want to make the young generation advance to compete with the future world. Besides extra-curricular activities, we are trying to give job opportunities also.

That’s not all, we also help those who want to be an entrepreneur by giving them consultancy and showing them the right path.


Remarkable Character, Morality, Team & group work, Experience, Opportunities, Self-development, connect with different leaders that’s what Creative Centralian makes.

 Creative Centralian is a community of productive people, who see a society where people unite by making bonds, maintaining good relations, and helping each other for the betterment of our world and ourselves.



Creative Centralian is an organization dedicated to providing an outlet for creative minds in all students. We provide tools, education, and opportunities for students and others to explore their creative potential and make art together. We believe that creative expression is an essential part of our education system, and we want to allow students to explore their creative potential. 

Creative Centralian are former students from central (M.G.B.H.S & M.G.G.H.S).  It has grown significantly over the year. The first thing we did was create an online platform for students to showcase their artwork and engage with their peers in a creative environment.


In the future, we will organize workshops and events to help students build creative skills and express themselves through our endeavors. Creative Centralian is a platform for students and others to express their ideas and thoughts through artwork. Our goal is to promote creativity among students and others from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them with opportunities they wouldnot otherwise have access to.


Share our experience and create a worthy community where every Centralian will come to help us.


We are here to provide every kind of brain & skill development, job, medical, and business opportunity to everyone we know.


We believe in interpersonal communication, learning new skills & fieldwork experience. 


Our goal is to create a community that encourages creativity and extracurricular and social work activities.

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