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Tree Plantation:

This initiative aims to improve the health of the planet. In this modern age we are having many benefits through modern technology and industry. For this there create a wide variety of gases including sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and various synthetic chemicals which is very harmful for our climate. These gases are making the temperature excessively hot and causing widespread acid rain, which has numerous negative effects. Automobiles are also responsible for the negative effects. They emit toxic substances when fuels are burnt.

As we know 60% of our oxygen comes from algae so we have to dependent on algae in a large amount. If we plant more tress then we don’t have to rely on algae much. The percentage will be decrease.

In recent years air pollution have been increasing in a high rate. For this we are suffering from many airborne diseases. If we plant more trees, we can overcome air pollution.

Also, trees make soil fertile. Trees prevent cyclones, tornados, and many disasters. Geographically Bangladesh is safe from cyclones like cyclone Aila, cyclone Strang, cyclone Amphan, cyclone Yaa, etc. only for the largest mangrove forest Sundarban. In Sundarban, there are many varieties of trees. They prevent the speed and direction of disasters. But day by day this evergreen forest is also in a threatening position because of the destruction of trees.

A country there needs 25% of the tress of its total area. But unfortunately, most of the countries like Bangladesh failed to maintain that ratio.

So, for the betterment of our life, we have to plant more and more trees.

As we plant more and more trees our climate will be greener. Also, we can have a cool and reliable climate for human society /mankind.

In planting trees student should play an important role. Students that participate in this sort of activity will learn about healthy communities. Personal qualities will also be developed via this practice. Hardship experience is also present. When a student volunteers at a service-based organization, whether abroad or locally, they will be able to work with a variety of individuals, groups, ethnicities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds, all of whom are invested in the same cause or bond.

But it is a matter of regret to say,most of the students is used by others on this task. Most young people participate in this voluntary job by emotion rather than obligation/responsibility.Therefore, they need proper direction for this and to understanding its true value

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