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Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Sports have a huge role in the youth generation. It can be done with technology or physically on a field. We merely need to be able to recognize its advantages without having to consider anything. Mental benefit:

• Sport boosts your mood and attention and helps you focus. • It also helps you feel less stressed and depressed. • Exercise helps you sleep better. • Exercise helps you stay at a healthy weight. • Sport increases self-confidence and has been connected to leadership qualities. • Sport has mental health advantages for elderly adults (Keeping, 2022). Keeping, S. (2022, July 25). The Mental Benefits Of Sport. Active Norfolk.

Sports have positive health effects:

• Reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. • Aids in weight control. • Blood pressure is lower. • Improved cardiovascular health. • Increased physical endurance and strength. • Increased joint range of motion and flexibility. • De-stressing. • Reduces the chance of developing some cancers. • Limit cholesterol levels. • Prevent osteoporosis. • Improves immunological function. • Better sleep. • Advantages for mental health. • Extended life (Admin, 2019). A. (2019a, December 11). 15 Health Benefits of Sports | Insports Centers.In sports Trumbull, CT - Adult & Youth Leagues - Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey.

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