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Photography Fest:

Since the advent of the camera, people have come to see photography as a worthwhile activity. Since cameras are now included in most mobile phones thanks to global advancements, most individuals can utilize them. Nowadays, people carry high-quality cameras rather than simply simple cameras. Today's smartphones provide mediocre cameras. We all enjoy taking photos since the earth is so rich in beauty and nature. Photography is a result of this photographing. The majority of pupils like taking photos. The ingenuity is fantastic.

Is it just a passion or can it be a career?

It can be a profession. The world is home to many global photographers. Many people are making money by shooting professional photos of uncommon natural occurrences. We now require photographers in all facets of professional business. This portion is therefore crucial in today's world. It may display something that has a deeper significance.

How can a photography fair help a student?

A festival or fair provides a stage on which to showcase your true self. A student can exhibit his various photographic ideas and receive evaluations from well-known photographers, as well as positive or negative comments. He or she will experience pressure from the competition, which will highlight any weaknesses. This will influence whether a student continues with this idea or not.

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