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Health and Cleaning:

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Well-being is riches. Without it, we are powerless. So, giving it some thought is far more crucial. Everyone on Earth should be more concerned about this health issue. It is connected to cleanliness. Healthy individuals are always clean. This is a type of social work where we may promote cleanliness. Cleaning for health frequently includes cleaning to lessen the effects of cleaning on building inhabitants as well as assisting in the prevention of the spread of germs. Green cleaning goes a step further by minimizing the environmental effect of cleaning (FORMICHELLI, 2007). FORMICHELLI, L. I. N. D. A. (2007, January 8). Cleaning for Health. CleanLink.

How it helps:

• Better learning conditions, healthier teachers, fewer student sick days,

• Decreased allergy and asthma symptoms,

• Positive parental involvement,

• longer equipment lifespan—these are just a few of the benefits (Line, 2022).

Line, B. (2022, July 20). Importance of Keeping Your School Clean and 9 Benefits. Bee Line |.

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