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Most people associate this charity with financial donations. The development of a person's numerous ethical qualities comes through outstanding work. Giving money is only one aspect of charity. It also involves showing others love, making good judgments about others, physically helping someone, and many other things. There are philanthropic groups in much of the country.

According to some studies, there are several advantages:

• You feel good after making a charitable donation. • Giving is more influential than ever, and it helps to develop personal beliefs. • Teaching your kids, the value of generosity via charitable giving. • Making charitable contributions inspires loved ones to follow suit (Charities Foundation, 2022). Charities Aid Foundation. (2022). Why is giving important | Five reasons to give to charity

Benefits of charitable giving for students include:

• Helping others and giving back. The majority of individuals desire to volunteer to help others or to better circumstances.

• acquiring knowledge and practical experience;

• fostering a sense of community.

• Making new friends (Harrington, 2018).

Harrington, K. (2018, April 20). The benefits of student volunteering. NCVO Blogs.

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